Who is Crushpath?

Management Team

  • Matt Wilkinson

    Andy MacMillan CEO

    Andy is a technology executive focused on leading high-growth organizations. Prior to Crushpath, Andy was the COO, Products at He also ran one of the largest and fastest growing P&Ls in the company as the “Cloud CEO” of Before Salesforce, he was a VP in the product groups at Oracle and Stellent, Inc (acquired by Oracle).

  • Matt Wilkinson

    Matt Wilkinson President & Co-founder

    Matt brings over 16 years of operations and product experience in serving the SMB and enterprise markets. Prior to Crushpath, Matt held the position of Vice President of Product at Socialcast, where as an early executive, he shaped their Enterprise Activity Streams platform for large enterprise adoption and led the company through the acquisition by VMware.

  • Matt Zelen

    Matt Zelen Vice President of Customer Success

    Matt brings over 15 years of experience guiding the customer success practices of global technology organizations, including Salesforce, Oracle and Stellent, Inc. (acquired by Oracle). Prior to Crushpath, Matt was the Vice President of the Customer Success Group (CSG) at Salesforce, where he transformed the CSG strategies for emerging businesses such as and

  • Monica Wilkinson

    Monica Wilkinson Sr. Director of Engineering

    As head of Engineering, Monica leverages her distributed systems design experience to deliver rich 3rd-party integrations. For the last 13 years Monica has been designing and building state-of-the-art applications in the areas of Sales Technology, Social Networking, and Learning Management. Before joining Crushpath Monica worked at VMware as a Cloud Foundry Technical Evangelist.