Look what they’re saying about Crushpath.

  • "Crushpath will help users with SEO and sharing for sites, so that Pitch Sites are searchable, sharable, and social. And you can manage responses and track the success of each pitch with detailed analytics like visits, click-throughs and more."
  • "The company is targeting "sales people" broadly—they could be entrepreneurs, consultants, fitness trainers or real estate agents, many of whom don't want complicated CRM software. The tool can also be used in the non-sales divisions of large companies, such as HR and recruiting."
  • "Crushpath users will build Pitch Sites—specialized web sites that are rapidly tailored from a long list of templates—and use these to pitch clients, who are invited to visit them via email."
  • "Crushpath automatically synchronizes sales with data from sources including email, news, websites, LinkedIn, Box, Google, and Evernote to form a profile of a relationship with a sales customer."
    Silicon Valley Business Journal
  • "Crushpath is far more dedicated to helping anyone pitch any idea, or product, or service, and not just a company. And it's dedicated to helping the part-time salesman manage their sales on the backend."
  • "Looking to replace emails and cold calls and CRM sales software, the company's Pitch Sites allows users to create a landing page as an online elevator pitch for whatever they're selling, be it their event, idea, product or service."
  • "It's easy to just get in there and build a pitch site. It's pretty amazing, sexy piece of software. It combines the idea of a content management system, which just helps you with content, and something that actually helps you create a pitch."
    Business Software
  • "Once a Pitch Site is created, that user can then promote and share the site on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The other way is, of course, email. When you send a Pitch Site promotion email on Crushpath, it embeds a full-size thumbnail of the Pitch Site?and you get a visual of what the user is offering, compelling you to click through."
    Destination CRM
  • "There are a lot of people out there today who want their products/services/needs known, but aren't full time sales people and therefore lack the tools to help them with their pitch. Pitch Sites can help them. It sure beats cold-calling, trading business cards or emailing (you won't get lost in the email shuffle that's for sure)."
    CMS Wire
  • "In just a few months Crushpath has users at more than 6,000 companies across 18 industries from SMBs to Fortune 500s."
  • "Crushpath first focuses on adding value at the individual level while also providing integrations with key company systems to allow for team and department sales."
  • "I started having fun making the hats. I started making way too many and was giving them away to people," she said… First, she began giving them away to pregnant women she met online, then she sold them on sites like Etsy and Crushpath."
    --- Wabi TV
  • "Crushpath Pitch Sites eliminate the need to rely on traditional business marketing materials like stagnant, disconnected websites and useless non-customizable marketing collateral materials. The Crushpath pitch platform gives professionals a fun, simple and more authentic way to pitch and promote their business services, products and programs, manage relationships and achieve more immediate results, like hitting goals and making money."
    --- Business News Daily
  • "Users can tailor their pitch sites depending on their desired outcome. So if you have a particular product or event you want to promote, Crushpath’s site layout lets you do that. Or, if you’d rather gear your pitch to a particular customer base, you can go that route as well."
    --- Fox Business