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Crushpath is the #1 marketing tool for turning visitors into customers. Create and share personalized sales and marketing content that sets you apart.

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Crushpath is the #1 sales and marketing tool for building an audience and converting them into customers. Use from the web or your mobile device to edit and send content on the fly— from campaigns, to promotions, introductions and followups.

How does Crushpath work?

Crushpath Spots

Create bite-sized content.

In Crushpath you’ll use "Spots" (short for Spotlight) to display your sales and marketing content. Spots are very easy to create, in under 5 minutes, and are automatically optimized for lead engagement. Spot Templates guide you through the creation process. Start with one that gets you noticed or helps close the deal. Showcase products, offer a promotion, make intros, announce a webinar, and highlight customer case studies. Spots are the best-looking pieces of content on any social feed or in any mailbox.
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Crushpath Spots

Reach your customers.

Once you’ve built a Spot it’s time to spread the word. Crushpath makes it a cinch to distribute your content through email and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and more! Send a Spot to a single customer, or distribute to an entire group. And because Spots are mobile-friendly it won’t matter if your content is being viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop. You’ll reach your audience wherever they are.

Crushpath Responses iPhone

Get real-time notifications.

Because Spots are visually rich and provide a clear call to action it's easy for your audience to be converted into qualified leads and interested customers.Your visitors can contact you directly on your Spot, or you can redirect interested visitors to your company’s website as part of your lead capture funnel. Follow up with potential customers using Crushpath’s response management and analytics tools. You’ll be building profitable relationships in no time.

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